EMUGE Clamping Technology

Perfect clamping of technical challenges

Workpiece clamping

Precision clamping devices for workpiece clamping

In addition to collet holders, quick-change holders and tapping attachments, EMUGE also offers precision clamping tools for workpiece clamping. EMUGE clamping tools are characterised by economy, compactness and long tool life.

As one of the leading clamping device manufacturers, EMUGE implements a variety of clamping principles, and can therefore provide a broad range of highly professional workpiece clamping options, especially designed for different types of production facilities and production parameters.

Customized solutions for all system specifications

The majority of clamping devices made at EMUGE are individually designed, manufactured and optimised for the respective manufacturing process. Starting with the planning phase, all framework conditions and specific production parameters, such as mechanical equipment, process stages and precision requirements, are taken into account with highest attention to detail and practical relevance. The selection of the best possible clamping device is always based on detailed dialog with the customer.
Six different clamping systems are available for the perfect solution:
  • Clamping Sleeves System SP
  • Collet Clamping System SZ
  • Buttress Thread Clamping System SG
  • Twin Taper Clamping System ST
  • Diaphragm Clamping System SM
  • Hydraulic Clamping System SH