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Company Grob

  • Company Grob:
    33% shorter cycle time at a rotational speed of 4000 rpm and at the same time saving 600kg CO² annually, you can read the report of the companies Grob and Emuge here.

User Report Company Grob

Company Hengst

  • Company Hengst:
    More than 20% time advantage with M8 thread forming in cast aluminium at 2400 rpm, a user report from company Hengst ...

Article NC-Fertigung Speedsynchro Modular

Company ZBG Bruck

  • Company ZBG Bruck:
    25% cycle time reduction when thread forming M5 + M6 in aluminium at a rotational speed of 8824 rpm, ZBG Bruck reports how it works ...

Article Machining Technology ZBG

Company ZF Passau

  • Company ZF Passau:
    Switching from tapping attachments to Speedsynchro results in quality advantages, saves maintenance costs and is even faster, you can read more about this in the report of ZF Passau ... (M5, cutting, aluminium, small time advantage)

Article - New windings in the brain

Maschine + Werkzeug 2014

  • Maschine + Werkzeug 2014:
    Increase speed - reduce energy consumption and save maintenance costs, read about the advantages of using a Speedsynchro​​​​​​​

Articles - Schrittmacher - Speedsynchro Modular