Franken Dental: This is how our customers tick

A visit to seramicCAM Dental Technology

Franken Dental: This is how our customers tick


Master dental technician „MDT“ Nicole Kyriakos

  • The Iron Lady of Bottrop
  • Managing Director of seramicCAM Dental Technology Center GmbH
  • Responsible for organisation, customer service and computer aided design
  • Workaholic

Dimitrios „Dimi“ Kyriakos

  • The pit bull of Bottrop
  • Managing Director of seramicCAM Dental Technology Center GmbH
  • Responsible for Computer Aided Manufacturing, production and process development
  • Workaholic

Retrospective - Part 1

2014, a normal working day in a dental laboratory somewhere in Germany

"There has to be a better way - and most importantly an easier way", master dental technician (MDT) Nicole Kyriakos ponders. She is once again annoyed about the quality of a milling job that was delivered by a manufacturing service provider. The tedious fitting and working out the contour is time-consuming. In the evening at home she talks to her husband Dimitrios, a biomedical engineer. In the weeks that follow, the couple thinks about how to achieve better reproducible results and how to work more economically in the dental laboratory.


Retrospective - Part 2

August 2015, an empty hall in Kardinal-Hengsbach-Strasse 2 in Bottrop

How to find us - Google Maps

MDT Nicole Kyriakos begins to dance joyfully – this is the first step into professional independence. The large hall is still empty and dusty, but that will soon change. This is where the seramicCAM Dental Technology Center will be built.

​​​​​​​seramicCAM Dental Technology Center

Retrospective - Part 3

Tuesday, 1 December 2015, the opening

Right up to the very last minute, the Kyriakos and their industrial partners work together on the installation and fine-tuning of hardware and software. In order to fill the formerly empty hall with top-class production technology, the founding duo has enlisted highly qualified support, and this includes besides well-known machine and CAM manufacturers also company Franken. Finally, after more than one year of preparation, the new dental manufacturing centre is now up and running.
Volker Ottensmann, the regional representative for Franken, has supported the seramicCAM team from the very beginning. Dimitrios Kyriakos remembers: "Volker was convincing - and we did not regret the decision. Franken's offer was not the cheapest, but this initial investment paid off. The powRgrip tool clamping system, for example, still shows virtually no wear even after years of use. And besides high quality, good communication is also very important to us. If communication does not work, it is difficult to coordinate with each other and initiate developments together. The people at Franken are like-minded people!

Volker Ottensmann

  • the tool buddy
  • qualified mechanical engineering technician
  • has worked for 8 years as regional representative for Franken
  • "We are looking forward to every visit from Volker: When Volker comes in, he is always in a good mood!"

Current status

Present time

In the first four months of 2019 seramicCAM has seen a 50% increase in sales. Another large machine for metalworking has just been installed and a third trainee has just joined the 12-member team. Together with industrial partners such as Franken, seramicCAM has implemented a process chain in which every single element meets the highest demands regarding quality and precision. Thanks to this "Excessive Precision" a process accuracy of < 8 µm is achieved, implant connection geometries are implemented with an accuracy of approx. 2 µm.

But seramicCAM is not limited to its role as a CAD/CAM manufacturer. Implant interfaces, one-piece scan bases, implant libraries and milling strategies have been developed in-house. As an official dealer of smart optics, seramicCAM sells various desktop scanners and as a partner of Roland compact milling machines. The portfolio includes "every digitally producible dental product and the individual production of precision parts". Even the standard stock of almost 400 carbide tools of the Franken Dental-Line (current catalog) is not always sufficient.
In such cases, Frank Eckstein, one of the experts from the Franken application engineering department, comes into action. He and his colleagues provide technical advice by phone from the company headquarters or support on site by solving technical problems. Concepts and suggestions for improving individual production processes are worked out, customer materials are tested in the trial department and recommendations are made for optimum tool selection.
And: If required, they develop and design special tools especially for customers like seramicCAM. It usually begins with a drawing that Dimitrios Kyriakos mails to Frank Eckstein, and the further procedure is then discussed on the phone. If necessary, Frank Eckstein comes to Bottrop, e.g. for test machining.

Frank Eckstein

  • the tool guru
  • application engineer
  • has been with Franken-application engineering for 7 years
  • "Frank is very experienced and competent. In particular, he has accompanied the development of dental CAD/CAM technology very closely from the very beginning and knows all about it!

Our favourite tool

Carbide end mill Duplex
  • the efficient all-rounder
  • for roughing
  • ALCR-coated
  • "the DUPLEX milling cutter is efficient, strong and fast!

The seramicCAM Dental Technology Center uses the ALCR-coated carbide end mill 2154L.300614 with duplex geometry for machining cobalt-chrome. This is a special development achievement by FRANKEN, with which the manufacturer has entered new territory in milling. Duplex comes from Latin and means "double" or "twofold". In the case of FRANKEN tools, this refers both to the variety of applications, which reduces the overall tool requirement, and to the newly developed, patented cutting edge geometry. In the face area, the milling cutter has a ground double radius geometry, which allows highest feed rates with adapted axial infeeds. It combines HPC and HSC geometry and enables even faster 2D and 3D machining with only one tool. Further advantages include low cutting forces thanks to optimised cutting edge geometry and excellent chip removal thanks to the S-geometry on the face. The variable spacing eliminates the tendendy for vibration.

The following video shows an informative overview of the FRANKEN Dental product line
seramicCAM Youtube​​​​​​​

Thank you!
We would like to thank all seramicCAM employees for the excellent cooperation over the past years and for the trust they have placed in us! Constructive dialogues, a respectful way of dealing with each other and always exciting new challenges ahead - that's how work is fun. We look forward to continuing to accompany you on your path to success!

Your FRANKEN Dental Team