Optimize thread machining reduce production time save drive energy increase tool life


The Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC collet holder has an integrated transmission gear which increases the rotational speed of the machine spindle to 4.412 times the speed on the tool side.

The resulting higher cutting speeds can reduce the cycle time by up to 50%. At the same time, the machine spindle can be operated in a lower speed range, thus saving up to 90% energy. The tool holder also features the EMUGE minimum length compensation Softsynchro®, which reduces the axial forces on the tool. This results in longer tool life and improved thread quality.

The Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC is available in two versions: for use with cooling lubricant emulsion or for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). Quick adaptation to internal or external centering of the tool shanks or change between 1 and 2-channel MQL systems is ensured by simple replacement of the transfer elements and length adjustment screws.

For series manufacturers, the Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC contributes quickly to greater cost-effectiveness. Depending on the application, amortization is possible from as little as approx. 250,000 threads.