Our new video series "More PEP" will appear once a month from now on. Stay tuned!

Using "PEP" for product presentation

The restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic meant that we risked losing our close relationship with our customers. Trade fairs were cancelled and regular customer contacts took place online in most cases. Creativity and ingenuity were needed to keep the focus on our products. The question was how we could attract the attention of our customers despite the circumstances and perhaps even offer them a modern and interesting added value.

In the course of these considerations, the idea for a video blog was born with a focus on precision, efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing process - with our products, of course. The result is something to be proud of: Since January 2022, the new video series „PEP“ has been published for our customers on the EMUGE-FRANKEN YouTube channel.

This marketing step means, that we are entering a new and contemporary terrain in communicating with our customers and interested parties. Because one thing holds true: Our products are top-notch - if they are used correctly. Even very ambitious production goals are within reach and can be implemented. Peter and Paul, our two experts in front of the camera, will present tips and tricks for the correct and efficient use of our products in a relaxed and charming way.

We are delighted about the commitment of our colleagues and are eagerly awaiting the first episodes!

A look behind the scenes of „PEP“

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In the following, we talk to Peter and Paul and also take a look behind the scenes of this video format.

What topics will be presented in this format?
Basically, this format uses the entire product range of the company group. The technical level ranges from absolute basics to profound, technical details. But our two colleagues will start with the threading tools.

EMUGE-FRANKEN is one of the leading manufacturers of threading tools with a correspondingly high level of know-how. That's why there is a lot to talk about and our two colleagues will certainly have one or two surprising and useful tips available. That's a promise!

Other product groups such as clamping and milling technology are to follow, so stay tuned!

Who are the target groups of this video series and what does the title "PEP" stand for?
Our colleague explains: "The focus of the format is on users, "experienced hands", trainees, students as well as people interested in technology. But we are sure there are even more people who will appreciate the videos. Time will tell how well the videos will be received.“

The target group is not only German-speaking: "The videos will be presented in German and English, so we looked for a title that has the same meaning in both languages.
We created the abbreviation „PEP“:

  • P = Präzision / Precision
  • E = Effizienz / Efficiency
  • P = Produktivität / Productivity
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How much effort does it take to shoot a „PEP“-video?
Peter and Paul are not professional actors, but colleagues from the threading tool division of EMUGE-FRANKEN. True to the motto "practice makes perfect It was certainly helpful that the two colleagues have had a lot of experience in providing training courses and presentations for many years, even though the situation in front of the camera is quite different: "When shooting a video, it's more about the right line of vision and clear pronunciation."

The videos are created entirely in-house by our colleagues: starting from the film set, to camera settings, lighting, text creation in German and English and the choice of topics. "An immense effort with many smaller subtasks of which an outsider is not even aware!" explains our colleague. "After determining the content and the texts, we go to the filming location and sometimes it can take the entire day to finish the video." But the work doesn't end there, after all, the videos still have to be cut and edited.

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Peter and Paul, the experts from EMUGE-FRANKEN
Our employees and colleagues in the company group certainly noticed it first: Our colleagues are not called Peter and Paul in "real" life. That's why we ask what it's all about, and Peter has an amazing but clever explanation: "According to our research, these names are widely used internationally and are therefore easy to understand and remember. That means we don't create an unnecessary language barrier.“

When does this project start and where can you find the videos?
Expert Paul explains: "You can find the first video in the new playlist "PEP" on the EMUGE-FRANKEN YouTube channel in January 2022. Or check out the social media channels Instagram and Facebook or the EMUGE FRANKEN homepage. There will be a small teaser there.“

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