Clamping technology from EMUGE-FRANKEN: Highest accuracy even with thin-walled workpieces.


Modern power skiving enables the production of external and internal gears as well as spur and helical gears. The process is highly productive, but only if the machine, the tool and the workpiece are perfectly matched. Diaphragm clamping devices are an excellent choice for such demanding requirements.

These types of clamping devices are subject to enormous demands regarding design, clamping force and accuracy. In addition to the sophisticated design, the complex production of the clamping diaphragm also plays an essential part.

EMUGE-FRANKEN has been a leader in the manufacture of diaphragm clamping devices. Reason enough to look over the shoulder of our colleague when designing a clamping solution. Let's go!


Diaphragm clamping device – One of our flagships

First, we learn that diaphragm clamping devices have become a strong point of EMUGE-FRANKEN. So we ask our colleague Tobias what distinguishes diaphragm clamping devices: "Our customers are able to achieve excellent concentricity or roundness in machining, even with filigree workpieces thanks to diaphragm clamping devices". Only few manufacturers of clamping devices are as well positioned in this field as EMUGE-FRANKEN's clamping technology: "We achieve accuracies in concentricity or roundness of 10 to 30 µm depending on how large and how thin-walled the workpiece is."
The previous versions of the diaphragm clamping devices are suitable for workpieces with a diameter of 130 mm to 510 mm. The weight of a clamping diaphragm should not be underestimated: "Nevertheless, a compact design is possible. This design also means that our diaphragm clamping devices are highly resistant to soiling and ensure good chip removal!".


High clamping forces - even for filigree workpieces!

A clamping diaphragm has a high internal tension due to its design:

"These forces enable perfect adaptation to the contour of the workpiece. For filigree or thin-walled workpieces, the clamping diaphragm is designed accordingly. The clamping force can be increased by the tractive force of the machine for robust workpieces."

An almost typical element for diaphragm clamping devices are clamping jaws. We ask what this is all about: "Clamping jaws ensure that the workpiece is clamped securely, without deformation and at defined points. An optional face clamping additionally clamps the workpiece. Six or eight clamping jaws are used depending on the clamping diameter." Also technically highly interesting: the clamping force is independent of the rotational speed due to the centrifugal force compensation!


Diaphragm clamping devices for high-precision production

Diaphragm clamping devices are used in the gearing of ring gears for use in commercial vehicle transmissions. High-precision production of gears is also an important factor in these transmissions, and our diaphragm clamping devices are ideally suited for this application: "The repeatable concentricity on the workpiece is often in the range of less than 10 µm, depending on the clamping diameter, as is the axial run-out."

The design also makes diaphragm clamping devices low-maintenance, resistant to soiling and guarantees sufficient clearance and run-down for the machining tool.

Diaphragm clamping devices from EMUGE-FRANKEN: High precision and low maintenance!

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