Threading technology


Threading technology

Under the EMUGE brand we sell a wide range of tools for manufacturing of internal and external threads. Whether standard tools or tailor-made special tools, they all cover all materials and thread systems worldwide with the aim of optimising your production. To ensure that you achieve the best possible threading results, we provide you with perfectly matched system chain in addition to the threading tool. Our tool extensions, holders and tapping devices, ring gauges and plug gauges, cutting oils and cutting pastes thus contribute to the best possible process reliability.

We cover modern manufacturing processes such as dry machining, tapping with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) or high-speed machining with a large number of precision tools specially developed for this purpose.

Interesting for series production of threads is the collet holder Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC with integrated transmission gearing, which enables time savings of up to 50%.

Contract manufacturers or users with small lot sizes will find a wide assortment of universal taps, cold-forming taps or thread milling cutters that can be used for many materials. Series manufacturers with large lot sizes can choose from specialists for individual materials or special tools to achieve maximum tool life and low cost per part.

For worn tools we offer a regrinding service and a recoating service. This ensures that the tools are reworked in the quality you are already used to from our new products.

In addition, we offer you a measuring and test equipment monitoring service and the measuring and test equipment management software "KALIMERO" via DECOM.

New carbide taps for compacted graphite iron

The highly abrasive cast iron materials with vermicular graphite have special microstructures that require specific tool properties. In addition to the special CGI geometry with an extremely robust cutting edge design, the TICN coating of the new carbide versions has been adapted and optimised to enable long tool life.

Under suitable machining conditions such as high stability of the component, use of a synchronous spindle or a Softsynchro tool holder with minimum length compensation, tool life increases of at least 3 times can be achieved with the carbide version compared to HSSE-PM tools.

The carbide taps, which are available with chamfer forms C and E for use with a thread depth of up to 2xD, have an axial internal cooling lubricant supply. The taps can be used universally in through-holes and blind holes if they are used with a cooling disc on the tool holder. The new CGI carbide taps are available in solid carbide design in the dimensions M4-6HX to M10-6HX. The tools feature a solid carbide head for the dimensions M12-6HX to M20x1.5-6HX as well as MF12x1.5-6HX to MF20x1.5-6HX.

More dimensions for high-strength steels

EMUGE´s HCut tool geometry is the suitable tool programme for thread cutting in high-strength or hardened steels, which enables process-reliable thread production with specially adapted flute shape and suitable rake angles and clearance angles. EMUGE offers the HCut taps in the cutting materials HSSE-PM and carbide in order to optimally machine different hardness properties of materials. EMUGE recommends using the HSSE-PM tap version for material hardness of 44 to 55 HRC, as is the case with the SSAB steels Toolox 44 or Armox 500T. The carbide version is designed for use at hardness of 55 to 63 HRC, which can be found, for example, in the SSAB steels Strenx 1300, Hardox 500, 600 or Extreme.

The taps with a solid carbide head are now available in the diameters M20, M24 and M30 in the tolerance 6HX. They feature a chamfer form C or D, the latter being recommended for through-holes. Besides their special geometry, the tools also have an optimised TICN coating to ensure high process reliability.

InnoForm Steel-M - For more tool life and process reliability


Cold forming tap for steel materials

Made of HSSE-PM, the Emuge InnoForm Steel-M is aimed at thread forming in steel materials with a tensile strength of 600-1,400 N/mm². Its new geometry with more lubrication flutes and the optimized TiN coating result in excellent tool life and higher process reliability.

Process reliability is also improved by the lower torque compared to predecessor tools, because the release of overload clutches can be prevented. Designed for through and blind-holes up to a thread depth of 3 x D, the taps are available in the two lead taper forms C, E and with tolerance 6HX. All dimensions now feature radial coolant-lubricant exits for even better through hole performance. Dimensions up to M8 are also available with axial coolant-lubricant exits. The product program covers the metric threads from M3 to M36 and fine threads from M8 to M36 with different pitches.