go/no-go thread plug gauges "TiN"

Item number L0105100.0390

  • (R) G-GR-LD-TIN
  • (R) G-GR-LD-TIN

Go/no-go thread plug gauge for gauging the internal thread.

Product features and benefits:

Highly dimensionally stable due to aged HSS
Hardness is clearly above the standardized minimum value.Go plug gauge with dirt groove (from Ø 5.5 mm) and removed incomplete threads for reliable gauging.No-go plug gauge with insertion neck and free machining of thread core for precision work.On request with customised marking and factory calibration certificate.TIN coating for higher wear resistance.

Technical details
thread symbol:
nominal diameter d₁ [mm]:
18 mm
pitch [mm]:
1.5 mm
type of plug gage:
thread sense of rotation:
right hand
standard of dimensions:
Gauge system/dimensions acc.:
Gauge dimensions according to DIN ISO 1502
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