Special solutions

Every task is special, and so is every solution!

We will focus all "individual disciplines" from technical design to production on your project.

The result: Individual system solutions for clamping requirements, not "just" products.
What you can take for granted: Our technical designers offer a smart solution for almost every technical requirement profile!

We are experts in clamping cams, axle journals, gears and joint pieces and are therefore your first contact to discuss your ideas. But we can do much more, here is a selection:

  • Gearboxes: Sun shaft, planetary gear, planet carrier, idler shafts, ring gears
  • Engine: Cam pieces, pump housings, injector bodies, rotors, sprockets
  • Drive train: Flanges, ball hubs, brake discs, joint journals and rings
  • Electromobility: Rotors, stators, drive shafts
  • Optics & Micro Watch cases, telescopic sight cases, jewellery rings
  • Aviation: Gearbox parts, landing gear components
  • Many other industries and applications

There is an extremely wide range of different workpieces that have to be clamped. The result is a variety of clamping concepts with the most diverse application conditions and challenges. We are prepared for further tasks!

The category "Special solutions" presents a selection of clamping concepts that we have already successfully implemented. You can limit the selection of solutions that could be suitable for your application in the best possible way by using your specific filter criteria. Therefore, please make use of the filter and configuration options to start an enquiry tailored to your application.

Please note:
The prices quoted are indicative, as indicated. You will receive a detailed offer after contacting our staff.