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Diverse manufacturing processes? Of course! EMUGE clamping technology is also available for turning and milling optical & micro components.

What do clamping devices and jewellery rings have in common?

The above question gives us a headache, but we certainly don't want to deprive you of this success story! That's why we are struggling to find the perfect introduction and are starting a first, tongue-in-cheek attempt:

A ring stands for solidarity and loyalty, the clamping technology of EMUGE-FRANKEN stands for reliability and cooperation in partnership. 
Just like jewellery rings, our clamping devices are durable, long-lasting and, depending on the design, quite expensive. With a clamping device from
EMUGE-FRANKEN you are committing yourself to a reliable partner; the same is expressed with a ring.

We leave it to your judgement whether we have succeeded in answering the question. Of course, we are very curious to know what you would have come up with - let us know!

And so, without further ado, here is today's topic: The clamping technology
of EMUGE-FRANKEN offers the perfect and highly accurate clamping device for a wide range of manufacturing processes. We are also successfully represented in the production of jewellery rings thanks to a creative clamping concept.
Our clamping device ensures exact clamping during a turning/milling operation at the customer's.

In the following, we explain how blanks for rings are machined and what EMUGE-FRANKEN´s clamping concept looks like.

Short, concise and to the point, we promise!

Diverse machining of blanks

Rings are available for a wide variety of occasions and designs. There are no limits to the range and almost anything is possible here: Several materials, several colours, stylishly simple or extravagant. The same applies to the production of rings: Individually made by hand or precisely on machines. Both have their charm and attract equal attention. 

Our focus is on the machining of ring blanks. Internal and external machining operations on multi-axis lathes produce the desired shape of the rings. The profile is also produced by machine and ranges from smoothly polished or hammered to highly structured surfaces. From facing to surface finishing with sometimes extremely filigree tools: Precision and reliable holding torques are required in all operations.


Focus on rigidity

The focus is on the necessary rigidity in order to achieve the highest possible quality in filigree surface machining. This is achieved by taking two factors into account.
  • The design of the clamping device as such with a focus on rigidity.
  • Machining must take place as close as possible to the machine spindle.

When designing the clamping device, the decision was made in favour of a fixed collet and a design that is as short as possible and has as little projection as possible.

In order to be able to carry out the machining as close as possible to the machine spindle, the clamping fixture is dimensioned in such a way that it is partially built into the machine spindle. The distance from the machine spindle to the machining area is thus further shortened and the rigidity increased.

A short taper interface on the flange of the mandrel enables high-precision mounting in the machine spindle. The core piece of the clamping device is the internal pressure piece, which is released by internal springs. The pressure bar of the machine moves into the extended position and compresses the internal springs to initiate clamping. Pressure piece and clamping bolt are displaced by a precisely defined clamping stroke and provide for the expansion of the collet.

This clamping concept offers the best possible rigidity for small clamping diameters and helps to achieve optimum results in the filigree surface machining of jewellery rings.


Versatile clamping technology

Our clamping devices are also first choice when it comes to filigree and high-precision machining of jewellery pieces such as rings and enable enormous holding forces even with small clamping diameters.

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