The centre for children with disabilities in Lauf was renamed on 12 July 2013

On 12 July 2013, the pedagogical support center in Lauf was renamed during a celebratory school festival. Since then the school is named after the founder of our company: "richard-glimpel-schule".
The school children and teachers have invested much time and thought in this ceremonial naming ceremony and have studied Richard Glimpel's life and work in detail.

As a result they have put together a very successful and varied stage program. In several short plays they impressively re-enacted some episodes of Richard Glimpel's life, accompanied by original recordings and photographs in the background.

In addition, the students wrote and presented texts and songs about Richard Glimpel, as well as a very catchy rap, which delighted the overcrowded auditorium filled with parents, guests and representatives from politics. After the official ceremony, the school principal, Mr. Mages, was presented with a portrait of Richard Glimpel with a short overview of his life.
Mr. Mages was very impressed by Richard Glimpel's creative spirit and his strength in overcoming the many economic and historical obstacles in his youth and entrepreneurial life. The current annual report written by the school administration and addressed to the students, includes the following expression of thanks:

We are deeply indebted to the family of company founder Richard Glimpel that we may carry his name in honor of his life philosophy and accomplishments.

We hope that you will succeed in emulating his life principle: "I strive to do my very best".

The 'richard-glimpel-schule' is the special pedagogical support centre Lauf and Hersbruck, a school which is divided into the following facilities:

On the one hand, it is a preparatory school for children who are not yet of school age, and on the other hand, it includes special educational diagnostic and support classes for grades 1+2.

The school also has primary school classes for grades 3+4 and classes for individual learning support for grades 3-6.

Finally, it offers special educational diagnosis and workshop classes for grades 7-9 and provides special educational advice and support for kindergartens and regular schools through mobile special pedagogical assistance and services.