Quality policy

Principles of our Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We want to ensure a positive and stable future of the company for our employees and shareholders based on satisfied customers.

The customer sets the standards for our quality

The essential and most important proof of quality for our company is the praise of our customers, who set very special quality standards through their purchasing decisions.

Quality means meeting the needs of our customers

We consistently orient ourselves based on the needs of our customers, because the success of our company ultimately depends on the satisfaction of the customers. The dialogue with our customers enables us to learn about their requirements, which we meet through our actions and products.

Quality affects all employees

As an employer, we rely on qualified, committed employees and attach particular importance to personal contact. Training and continuing education traditionally enjoy a high status in our company.

Quality in products and processes

Thanks to reliable processes and preventive quality management, we guarantee our customers products and solutions of the highest quality. The continuous improvement of our processes and products as well as the development of innovative solutions secure our market position and enable our customers to optimize their processes and produce even more successfully.

Quality requires continuous improvement

The management and all process managers commit themselves to a continuous improvement process. All employees are involved in this process.

Compliance with legal requirements

It is our aspiration to comply with all laws, standards, regulations, technical standards and contractual regulations relevant to our products and our company. This gives our customers and ourselves the best possible legal certainty.

Commitment of the management

The management ensures that the integrated management system can achieve its planned results. Unwanted effects are prevented or reduced to a minimum. Errors in the system are specifically investigated and rectified through improvements. The management ensures that all legal and other requirements to which the company is or has committed itself are met. The management undertakes to plan measures to deal with opportunities and risks in a targeted manner. It initiates the necessary activities for integration into the integrated management system, monitors their implementation and evaluates the effectiveness of the measures.
The quality policy is defined by the management and checked annually in the management review to ensure that it is up to date and adjusted if necessary. The specific quality targets are derived from this quality policy.