Press Release Speedsynchro NFC

Press Release Speedsynchro NFC

Simple readout of the application data

The EMUGE Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC collet holder now has as standard an NFC module which stores the application data. All important information is available by simply readout via the smartphone app.

Before, users of the very maintenance-friendly Speedsynchro® collet holder needed to estimate the number of threads created to determine when a service was required. The NFC module now supports the user with precise information such as number of threads, operating time and service status. The app available free on Google Play or the Apple Store, can be installed on a smartphone. with an NFC module. With the app installed simply hold the smartphone to the surface of the Speedsynchro® with all important parameters. Users can then easily check how high the load on the Speedsynchro® holder is and when a service is scheduled.

The collet holder Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC is provided with an integrated transmission gearing which produces a 4.412 times increase of the RPM of the machine spindle at the tool. The resulting higher cutting speeds consequently reduce the cycle time by up to 50%. At the same time the machine spindle can be operated in a lower speed range and so saving up to 90% energy consumption.  In addition, the Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC is equipped with the EMUGE minimum length compensation Softsynchro® reducing the axial forces onto the workpiece. This results in a higher tool life and an improved thread quality. The Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC is available in two versions: for use with coolant lubricant or for use with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). The quick adaptation of the tool shanks to male and/or female center or the change between 1- and 2-channel MQL-system is guaranteed by simple exchange of the transfer elements and length adjustment screws. For large series manufacturers the Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC delivers a quick contribution to more efficiency. Depending on the application an amortization is possible from about 250.000 threads.​​​​​​​

Press Contact:

Joerg Teichgraeber / Marketing Management

Phone  +49 9123-186-555