EMUGE Pocosys

PoCoSys Position Control System – Setting and Inspection System for Threads with specified starting position



There is an increasing number of demands in the production of internal threads with specified starting position. This is why we have developed the EMUGE PoCoSys tool system. It simplifies the production and testing of position-bound threads. All components are perfectly matched to each other – from the tool holder via the threading tools to the setting gauges and test equipment.

Originally developed for the production of  for threads with specified starting position of spark plug threads, PoCoSys can also be used for testing threads with specified starting position of switches, sensors or other components.

The PoCoSys-System enables the manual inspection of threads directly on the production machine or a machine conducted test of threads on 3D measuring machines. Since the use and requirements of the system are always different, we customize the test system according to the customer's requirements.
PoCo-Gauge Box 770x432px

Complete set for manual thread inspection

The components of the PoCo-Gauge Box enable the manual position inspection of threads with specified start position directly on the workpiece at the production machine.

The easy handling facilitates the continuous inspection at the machine and thereby helps to recognise deviations at an early stage. This results in time and resource savings compared to inspections with 3D measuring machines.

Customer benefits
  • Savings up to 90° compared to measuring with a measuring machine
  • Thread inspection with a thread plug gauge GO
  • Gauging independent of pitch diameter
  • Practical inspection of thread position relative to flat face
  • No reclamping of workpiece necessary
  • Easy handling, no time-consuming instruction required
  • Immediate reading of spark plug position
  • Integration into certification cycle possible
  • Customer specific adaptation of inspection system to workpiece

Inspection of threads on the cylinder head

The video shows the manual thread inspection with the components PoCo-Plate and PoCo-Gauge using the example of a cylinder head. It also gives an insight into the inspection with the plug gauge GO (PoCo-Gauge 3D) on a 3D measuring machine.