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EMUGE special clamping technology in the dismantling of nuclear power plants. For the sake of the environment.


From nuclear power plant to green fields

This year indisputably marks a turning point: The nuclear phase-out in Germany has been a done deal since 2011. Germany`s shutdown of nuclear power plants by 2022 is a special path internationally, on which a variety of tasks must be solved in a future-proof manner.

A huge challenge on this path is the dismantling of the nuclear power plants.
Tons of steel, concrete and much more have to be dismantled, disassembled and partially decontaminated. The clamping technology of EMUGE-FRANKEN is used in the dismantling of a nuclear power plant.

Clamping technology in the dismantling of a nuclear power plant?

There are things that do not fit together at first sight. One of these are our clamping technology and nuclear energy. The above question is accordingly justified, but the answer is all the more perplexing: All work must be carried out remotely, in an environment separate from the operator and under strict safety precautions due to the radioactive contamination and the hazardous environment for humans.

The solution consists of a mandrel that is operated by a remote-controlled robot in an enclosed area.

Working remotely and safely

The technology is basically simple: A mandrel clamps a tool with which fuel rods are sawn. The tool is clamped by the internal tension of defined spring assemblies. A pneumatic piston on the machine side can overpress these springs to enable the change of the tool.

Both the mandrel as well as the tool are mounted only initially by workers and outside the enclosed working area. The mandrel is prepared and optimised by a remote-controlled robot for the change of the tool or for the final disassembly.

Clamping technology in the dismantling of a nuclear power plant? Of course!

The application environments of the clamping tools from EMUGE-FRANKEN are diverse and sometimes "exotic". Nevertheless, our clamping tools work reliably even in such environments.

Granted: The fact that clamping tools could be used in the dismantling of nuclear power plants was not immediately clear to us either. Our staff have done a great job and we are proud to have played a small part in accomplishing this important task.

We are convinced that we also have the flexibility and creativity to tackle your problems. Ask our contact persons and let us take you on a tour of the exciting world of clamping technology!