Clamping technology NEW on the web!

Pure excitement: Fresh, modern, clear. Find out about the know-how in the field of clamping technology!

Fresh, modern and clear. Clamping technology NEW on the web!

The clamping technology of EMUGE-FRANKEN has a new web presence and offers contemporary access to comprehensive information about the considerable know-how in the field of special clamping solutions.
Appealing content, modern technology and a fresh look set the the course for an online presence with added value. The new website spans an enormous range from general information on clamping technology to industry-specific success stories - adequately and entertainingly presented.

Configuration and search options show you a selection of clamping concepts that we have already successfully implemented.

A hint at the next big project:
From autumn 2021, an online shop for modular clamping systems and selected special solutions will be available to customers.

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We will present completely new aspects - about our know-how, about our solutions, about us!

What many people do not know:
Workpiece clamping from „EMUGE-FRANKEN“ has been available since 1950. The new web content briefly dives into the historical background and offers a small insight into the in-house competences. You will get an impression of the products of the clamping department and you will get to know our colleagues who are true masters in finding the last micron in the most diverse clamping concepts. From highly complex components from the automotive and aerospace sectors to filigree workpieces for everyday objects.
Our customers trust in our know-how, our creativity and successfully rely on clamping devices from EMUGE-FRANKEN.

We keep you up to date with interesting examples!
The service offer for clamping devices from EMUGE-FRANKEN can now be found in a separate, clearly arranged section on the company website. Our newly established success stories offer you specific examples of the range of services.

These follow a clear orientation:
Industry-specific articles, from factual and sober to refreshingly cheerful, provide a well-founded insight into the almost endless spectrum of clamping concepts with a difference. An essential part of these articles are short descriptions of the customer-specific challenges and the implemented solutions. Occasionally we expand the selection with selected projects. Stay tuned!


The project team of the clamping technology department, which was founded especially for this purpose, was in charge of creating the new content.  New concepts were developed and tested together with colleagues from IT and corporate marketing. A special highlight was the big photo shoot.

Product photos and various scenes were taken with employees from all departments over two days. Entire workplaces were converted and staged accordingly.

Colleagues at the machines producing components were photographed; pictures of colleagues were taken in the workshops during the assembly of clamping devices.

The undertaking was restricted by the Corona measures in force. The motivation of all those involved was enormously high and despite the restrictions, the project was a great success.

The result is a colourful mixture of images that are used on the homepage and in other marketing materials.

These two pictures were taken in 2002 respectively in 2021. An attentive colleague noticed during the photo shoot that a scene already existed in 2002. At that time, pictures were taken for the clamping tool catalogue 125. Without further ado, we recreated the scene and noticed that the employees from back then are still actively on board today - real veterans.


We asked ourselves what has changed in almost twenty years and found that not much has changed!

The clamping technology is still located "on the other side" of the Bitterbach, which flows through the factory in Lauf a. d. Pegnitz. As you can see from the two pictures, much of the equipment is not so different from what it was 20 years ago

In contrast, the working tools have changed a lot over the past two decades, e.g. the transition to three-dimensional design and other tools such as FEM calculation* or 3D printing.

The clamping technology department is still the first contact for extremely complicated clamping concepts. The product spectrum is still diverse: typical drive parts, aircraft components, everyday objects such as watch cases, but also exotic concepts for recycling projects make every project a new challenge!

*FEM: Finite-Element-Method: Calculation of forces acting on a component.


The world of clamping technology is characterised by multi-layered customer requirements, sophisticated clamping concepts and the highest precision in manufacturing. We are aware: Our products are exciting, but also in need of explanation and not infrequently require intensive consultation.

For this reason, the new web content enables in-depth research, rapid information search and is the first contact to our potential new customers. The new online presence opens the door to the fascinating world of clamping technology to all interested parties - come on in!

PS: We are curious to see how our colleagues will do in twenty years when it comes to recreating the photos of the year 2021!