A single tool for many materials

Versatile threading tools and twist drills

The threading tools and twist drills of the EMUGE MULTI range of products enable a wide range of applications in different materials. However, their special design is not only suitable for different materials, but also for a wide variety of alloy elements, changing operating conditions and different cooling lubricants.

The use of versatile cutting tools has tahe advantage for small batch sizes or contract manufacturers of not having to use special tools for each material to be machined. The MULTI tools keep the tool store compact and reduce the required magazine space in the machine.

The MULTI design is available for twist drills, taps, cold-forming taps and thread milling cutters. Drilling and tapping tools are matched to each other in terms of material, geometry and coating and offer the customer optimum drill and thread quality as well as higher process reliability.

The design of the threading tools for the thread systems M, MF, UNC, UNF and G allows a wide use for the most common threads.


We offer three geometries of the MULTI tap for cutting internal threads, which differ according to their use for short-chipping and long-chipping materials and the production of threads in blind holes or through-holes.


 The ENORM MULTI tap is designed for creating threads in blind holes in long-chipping materials up to 2.5 x D. This tap now features a 45 degree helix pitch compared to its predecessor.
This feature provides directional chip removal and also improves suitability in jamming materials. The tap offers a very high level of process reliability, since chip compaction is avoided.

The tool life has been considerably improved compared to the predecessor (see pictures with comparison 2xD). The required torque remains very constant until the end of the tool life.

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The versatile tap REKORD A-Multi is designed for through-holes and blind holes up to 2xD in short-chipping materials. Its chamfer shape C enables threads close to the bottom of the hole.

The REKORD B-Multi variant with its longer chamfer shape is suitable for producing threads in through-holes in long-chipping materials. The spiral point pushes the chips forward in a tightly rolled manner and prevents clogging of the chip flutes.

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MULTI Cold-forming tap

The advantages of thread forming can be used for internal thread production in flowable materials. The benefits include thread production without chips, an excellent surface quality and the higher static and dynamic strength of the thread.


The optimized micro-geometry and a TIN coating designed for thread forming enable improved material forming, reduced friction and significantly longer tool life compared to the predecessor tool (see pictures in comparison 2xD).
The reduced friction reduces the required torque and thus expands the application range towards larger dimensions or the use in machine types that were previously in the torque limit range. The resulting improved run-in behavior also has a positive effect on tool life and process reliability. There is also less tendency to cold-welding when machining soft and stainless steels as well as aluminum alloys thanks to the TIN coating optimized for thread forming.

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Twist drill MULTI

The twist drills in MULTI design are available for drilling up to a depth of 5xD. The diameters available from stock have been designed to create the tap holes for threads M2 to M24.
The tool specifications are optimized for combination with MULTI threading tools to achieve the best possible drilling results for subsequent production of the internal threads.

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Even more performance for versatile use– Tap Z-PM

Our Z-PM tap series is available for even higher demands on tool life and process reliability for versatile use. These universal taps have been specially designed for use on CNC machines and are available as ENORM-Z-X-PM for blind holes or REKORD B-Z-PM for through-holes.


The PM cutting material offers advantages in terms of tool life and higher process reliability particularly for higher strength materials to be cut (comparison with material 4.1 in the pictures).

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Time savings and more flexibility with Softsynchro® QuickLock

The tap holder EMUGE Softsynchro® QuickLock enables quick change of the threading tool in the machining center without having to remove the holder. The combination of this tap holder with versatile threading tools makes it possible to quickly change between different diameters or different tool clamping without the need for additional magazine space on the machine. This saves the user time, increases flexibility and makes optimum use of the advantages of versatile threading tools in the overall system.

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Softsynchro® QuickLock

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