Information on shared responsibility

according to Article 26 (2) s. 2 EU-GDPR

What is the reason for shared responsibility?

EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG and FRANKEN GmbH & Co. KG work closely together in the operation of this online web shop, the processing of orders and master data administration. This also applies to the processing of your personal data. The parties have jointly determined the order in which this data will be processed at each stage of the process. They are therefore jointly responsible for the protection of your personal data within the process stages described below (Art. 26 GDPR)

What have the parties agreed?

As part of their joint responsibility under data protection law, both companies have agreed which of them will fulfil which obligations under the GDPR: This concerns in particular the exercise of the rights of the data subjects and the fulfilment of the information obligations under Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR.

What does this mean for the persons affected?

The companies fulfil the data protection obligations in accordance with their respective responsibilities for the individual process stages as follows, even if there is a joint responsibility:
  • Within the framework of shared responsibility
    • EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for master data management and the use of analysis and tracking tools.
    • The EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG and FRANKEN GmbH & Co. KG are jointly responsible for the operation of the online web shop and the import of advertising content.
    • The ordered articles are divided among the respective companies using the shopping basket function, and the responsibility for processing the order is transferred to the responsible company.
  • The information required under Articles 13 and 14 GDPR regarding the processing of your personal data can be accessed here hier .
  • We will inform each other immediately of the legal positions asserted by you and provide each other with all information necessary to respond to requests for information.
  • You can assert your data protection rights with both companies. As a user, you will always receive your information from the company with which you have asserted your rights.