Industrial clerk (m/f)

Industrial clerk (m/f)


You will take on tasks in various areas of the company.

During your training you will pass through various commercial departments such as Purchasing, sales, accounting, personnel and marketing. There you will get to know the handling of procurement or sales processes, accounting and internal organisational and administrative tasks.


  • Intermediate school certificate (commercial branch)

Duration of training

  • 3 ½ years - in case of excellent performance, however, the training period may be shortened.

Industrial clerks take on tasks in the most diverse areas of a company.

  • They handle procurement processes:
    Determination of material requirements, preparation of enquiries, comparison of offers, execution of the order, monitoring of the delivery, inspection of incoming material
  • They support our customers:
    Processing of customer enquiries, preparation of offers, entering orders and dispatch of goods
  • They take care of the accounting:
    Checking and payment of supplier invoices, monitoring and booking of incoming payments, implementation of cost accounting, calculation and balancing
  • They take care of the personnel of the company:
    Calculation and payment of wages and salaries, keeping personnel files, organisation of training and continuing education

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:
Commercial training
Frau Angelika Rackl (+49) 9123-186110


Detailed information, pictures and videos of the job Industriekaufmann/-fraucan be found on the website of Bundesagentur für Arbeit BERUFENET