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High-precision hydraulic components

Hydraulics - You've heard of it, but never dealt with it in detail? Many people might feel the same way about this topic, with the exception of our readers with an affinity for technology. However, we would like to inspire many people for our clamping devices or for technology in general and that is why we dwill discuss this topic in detail.


Hydraulic system - What is it and how does it work?

In the technical field, this refers to the use of fluid to transmit power and energy. This takes place in a closed pipe or hose system. Hydraulic systems can be used to move a heavy loads with little force. We would like to explain this technical aspect with the help of the picture:  

Hydraulic systems work with hydraulic oil (4) that is put under pressure.  
Pressure can only build up if the pipe system is really completely closed. If space is "taken away" from the oil, for example, by applying a small force (F1) via a piston over a large distance (F2, the pressure increases. The fluid tries to expand and pass on the pressure. A changed cross-section of the two pistons (1) (1), see illustration, results in more force being applied to F2 at a smaller distance (3) than was applied to F1. 

Have you ever wondered where hydraulic systems are used? 
The range of application is wide, we can only show a very small selection here: 

  • Lifts: So-called lifting pistons move the transport surface or hoists.
  • Motor vehicles: The brake shoes press on the brake disc when the brake pedal is activated. 
  • Excavators: The bucket, and also the entire excavator arm, is moved hydraulically. 

A gate valve seals with high precision .

Various components are required for hydraulic systems to work. One of them is a so-called gate valve. 
A gate valve is used to completely open or close the entire flow cross-section of a hydraulic line. 
The sealing is therefore "metallic". This means that two high-precision metal surfaces are absolutely tight against each other. The gate valve must therefore be manufactured very precisely. Even small deviations would lead to a leak in the hydraulic system. This is where the clamping technology from EMUGE-FRANKEN offers major benefits: EMUGE-FRANKEN clamping technology develops and manufactures clamping concepts for these requirements. In the following, we take a closer look at one such clamping concept. 

Double piston for high clamping force

The component is "hard-turned" at a maximum of 5,000 revolutions per minute. Two operations are performed with only one clamping set-up. In the first operation, the face and a connection geometry are turned. For the second operation, a support on the tailstock side, which we will discuss in more detail in the next paragraph, is fed and the outer diameter of the entire component is machined. The shape and position tolerances on the workpiece are very tight to ensure that it is manufactured with high precision. During the first operation, the workpiece may deform minimally. During the second operation, the required roundness of 2 µm is produced - with a runout of 3 µm and a diameter tolerance of 2 µm.  

The clamping system is actuated pneumatically. This allows the user to adjust the clamping force very "sensitively". This allows the user to adjust the clamping force very "sensitively". If necessary, only one piston can be actuated via a screw plug, which results in a greatly reduced clamping force.  

Flexible clamping concept for different workpieces.

The workpiece is available in two versions: In the first, the clamping diameter is 6 mm, in the second 14 mm. Exchangeable clamping sets are available for both clamping diameters These can be changed quickly and alignment options on the base body ensure error-free concentricity. The support on the tailstock side is also called the centre point in this clamping concept and is used in this way: It ensures that the workpiece is pressed firmly and precisely against the stop when the second tool, the so-called "roller burnishing tool", is fed in.

EMUGE clamping technology, the problem solvers!

From the planetary gear carrier of a truck transmission to the locking slide of a hydraulic line, which is only a few millimetres in size - the clamping technology of EMUGE-FRANKEN develops convincing clamping concepts for the most diverse challenges. The range of requirements is broad and impressive. Read our other "success stories" on our homepage and see for yourself!

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