FRANKEN Cut and Form

End mills to produce polished surfaces

New tool technology "Cut & Form"

  • Enables the production of polished surfaces in a single milling operation
  • No rework of workpiece required
  • Significant reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Trimming visible surfaces in non-ferrous materials
  • Production of design surfaces in medical technology, jewelry industry, food and electronics sector

Types of tools:
  • Cutting diameter 6-12 mm
  • Short and long design
  • Enables surface roughness grades N1-N3
Unique tool geometry:
  • Combination of cutting edges with pressure ridges for smoothing and compacting the material


Application Example

  • Material: EN AW-AlMgSi1 / EN AW-6082
  • Tool: 2507.010Surface roughness: Ra = 0,08 µm / Rz = 0,46 µm
  • Surface roughness grade: N2
  • Coolant: Emulsion
  • Cutting speed vc: 315 m/minSpeed n: 10000 min-1 (rpm)
  • Feed per tooth fz: 0,024 mm
  • Feed speed vf : 715 mm/min
  • Axial depth of cut ap: 20 mm
  • Radial depth of cut ae: 0,1 mm