Environmental Policy

The environmental policy is checked annually in the management review to ensure that it is up to date.


We are all responsible for our planet and committed to protecting the environment. Therefore, we promote the environmental awareness of all employees, suppliers and service providers and integrate them in our activities wherever possible.


 We use resources responsibly and efficiently and want to keep our environmental impact as small as possible. This includes a holistic view of the processes existing within the company.


Based on the introduction of an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, we want to continuously improve our corporate environmental protection. This is done by taking into account the economically justifiable use of innovative technology.


We regularly check the efficiency of our measures and the achievement of our environmental goals through internal audits.


We monitor the environmental impact of our activities and, where required by laws, regulations or standards,
have ourselves monitored by independent third parties.

​​​​​​​We undertake to fulfil all binding obligations within the framework of environmental management.


We expect our suppliers and service providers to commit themselves to the same values.


We want to define measures and procedures to avoid or reduce environmental pollution and for emergencies.
The environmental policy is defined by the management and is checked annually in the management review
to ensure that it is up to date and adjusted if necessary. The specific environmental goals are based on that.