EMUGE Basic-Drill

For use in various materials with focus on steel

The EMUGE twist drill programme is being expanded in Germany and Austria

The EMUGE twist drill programme is being expanded with the new BASIC product line, which is designed for universal use, with steel materials being the focus of the tool design. The price and performance requirements of customers who machine a variety of different materials with the same tool determined the product development. The carbide grade, the coating and the shape of the cutting edge were optimised for universal use. For example, the curved cutting edge produces very short chips and shapes the chip so that it can be easily removed from the hole through the specially shaped groove. A particularly robust cutting edge ensures precise drilling and a long tool life.

Initially, the new drills will be launched first in Germany and Austria in the 5xD version with diameters from 3 to 16 mm, and additional lengths are already being planned. Service was also a key consideration during product development - the geometry enables simple and reliable regrinding.

In the future, EMUGE will subdivide the cutting tools into three performance groups, which will make it easier for the customer to select and obtain the optimum tool for the intended application. The new Basic twist drill product line is classified in the universal performance group.