EF-Cut data APP

In this app we offer an innovative and coordinated product range

All tools at a glance with EF-Catalouges

With this app you will find the right tool for you from over 40,000
EMUGE-FRANKEN catalog items.
As a system supplier for machining,
EMUGE-FRANKEN offers an innovative and coordinated product range for drilling, thread cutting, testing, clamping and milling technology in this app.
Clear videos and links provide further explanations (Online mode).
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Your cutting data under control with the EF calculator

This app calculates the cutting data for twist drills, taps, thread formers, thread milling cutters and milling cutters. An economic efficiency calculator is available for the EMUGE Speedsynchro® thread tool holder and the FRANKEN circular segment milling cutter. This enables a cost and time comparison compared to conventional processing methods.
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Our new cutting data app is now available and can be downloaded.

You can find it under the following links or in the App-Stores search by "EMUGE-FRANKEN" or "EF calculator".