Tools for dental labs

Tool diversity for all common materials and machine systems

With the product line "Dental" FRANKEN offers an extensive programme of milling cutters, grinding burrs and twist drills for the production of dental prostheses.

The tools were developed for all common milling systems and the dental materials currently used with regard to substrate, cutting edge geometry, as well as to finish treatment and coating.

A large number of practical tests in various dental laboratories and many expert discussions with dental professionals resulted in a tool programme which meets all requirements. Now more than approximately 400 different FRANKEN dental tools are available to dental technicians for machining current dental materials.

Machining of cobalt-chrome and titanium

Coated ball nose end mills, torus end mills or end mills made of solid carbide are available for roughing, pre-finishing, finishing and rest machining in cobalt-chrome and titanium.

Machining of PMMA/ PEEK and wax

The extensive range of coated or uncoated solid carbide ball nose end mills has been designed for roughing, pre-finishing, finishing and rest machining in PMMA/PEEK and wax.

Machining of zirconium oxide

A wide range of uncoated or diamond coated ball nose end mills, torus end mills and solid carbide end mills are available for roughing, finishing or rest machining in zirconium oxide.

Machining of glass ceramics

Our CVD-D ball nose end mills, diamond torus grinding burrs, diamond tapered grinding burrs and diamond ball nose grinding burrs with their hard cutting material enable precise results in roughing, pre-finishing, finishing and rest machining in glass ceramic.

Tools for dental labs

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