Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Ecological and socially responsible corporate management

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

1. Introduction

EMUGE-FRANKEN is committed to an ecological and socially responsible corporate management. We expect the same compliance from all our suppliers. In addition, we constantly strive to optimise our business activities and our products respectively services in terms of sustainability and we ask our suppliers to contribute to this in terms of a holistic approach.

We request compliance with the following regulations for a joint code of conduct for future cooperation. This code of conduct is the basis for all future deliveries or services. The supplier undertakes to comply with the principles and requirements of the Code of Conduct and to strive to oblige its subcontractors to comply with the standards and regulations indicated in this document.

The Code of Conduct is based on national and international laws and regulations.

2. Requirements for suppliers

  • Compliance with the laws of the applicable jurisdiction
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery
  • Compliance with applicable antitrust and competition law
  • Compliance with the respective protective rights for children and young people
  • Data protection
    • Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations when handling personal data and information
  • Health and safety of employees
    • Responsibility for health and safety towards our employees
    • Reducing risks and taking preventive measures against accidents and occupational diseases
    • Training of employees on the subject of occupational safety
  • Respect for the fundamental rights of employees
    • Promotion of equal opportunities for employees
    • Respect for the personal dignity and privacy of each individual
    • Rejection of forced labour or any form of exploitation and discrimination
    • No tolerance for behaviour which is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative
    • Payment of an adequate remuneration and the national minimum wage set by law
    • Compliance with the maximum working hours set by law
    • Recognition of freedom of association for workers and no preferential treatment or discrimination against members of workers' organisations or trade unions
  • Environmental protection
    • Compliance with environmental protection with regard to legal norms and international standards
    • Minimising pollution and improving environmental protection
    • Establishment and implementation of an appropriate environmental management system
  • Dealing with conflict minerals
    Concerning the conflict minerals tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold, as well as other raw materials such as cobalt, the company establishes processes in accordance with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines for the fulfilment of due diligence to promote responsible supply chains for minerals from conflict and high risk areas, and expects the same from its supplier. Smelters and refineries without adequate, audited due diligence processes should be avoided.

3. Implementation of the requirements

We expect our suppliers to identify risks within their supply chains and to take appropriate measures. In the event of suspected violations and to safeguard supply chains with increased risks, the supplier will inform the company promptly and, if necessary, regularly about the identified violations and risks and the measures taken.

4. Acknowledgement and agreement of the supplier

The supplier undertakes to act responsibly and to comply with the principles/requirements listed.