Clear the way to the new building!

EMUGE bridge inaugurated with Märklin model railroad

The new 48-meter-long factory connecting bridge of the EMUGE company in Lauf has now been inaugurated with an unusual idea


"Departure towards new building in one minute - please board!" Announcements like on the platform were missing, but the rest is all the more impressive for it: 120 meters of "H0" gauge tracks snaked through the glass bridge structure and across Nürnberger Straße, which is considered the "new entrance gate to Lauf". Sufficiently long tracks had been provided by the Märklin company, much to the delight of the hobby railroaders present.

The TransEuropExpress TEE, in no less than three eras, the Rheingold, an ICE international, a rail bus, steam locomotives or two freight trains with precision tools from EMUGE FRANKEN: All of them drove along the seemingly endless track from the previous main building to the new plant and back again. There was smoke and hiss, just like on the big railroad, and all this in sunshine.


Company owner Helmut Glimpel recalled

"Railway construction fits closely with the history of the company. Already the first years after the foundation of EMUGE were characterized by the production of various taps for the construction of steam locomotives. It was an important cornerstone for the company's success." Visibly happy, he watched the running railroad models and did not miss the opportunity to drive his own trains. 

Michael Sieber, who himself lives in Lauf and is a shareholder of Märklin, had no hesitation in supporting this unique bridge inauguration: "Model trains are a great way to experience technology through play. He is pleased to see the fascination that the small locomotives and trains awaken across generations. He and his son Florian had saved Märklin from insolvency in 2013 and to this day have never regretted buying this global brand. He expressed great thanks to Benedikt Bisping, the passionate railroad enthusiast and former mayor of Lauf, who had the idea for this "certainly longest bridge model railroad layout" and implemented it together with model railroad friends and employees of the EMUGE company. "We were very happy to help with this," said Michael Sieber.


According to EMUGE Managing Director Gerhard Knienieder, taps and tools from his company are also used in production at the Märklin plant in Göppingen for the high-quality model trains, which are also made of metal to this day. 

Due to the many connections, the company had supported the project for the inauguration from the very beginning under the motto "Clear the way to the new building and into the future!

In addition to the filigree Lauf structure, the steel construction company Lamparter from Kaufungen in Hesse also supplied a 25-meter-long connecting bridge for the miniature world in Hamburg's Speicherstaat. Benedikt Bisping was proud to say that the Lauf bridge model railroad layout is thus significantly longer and is therefore a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records. To scale, tracks of the equivalent of about 10 kilometers in original length with digital control and cabling with numerous power supply lines were installed on the long stretch. The layout was assembled in one and a half days directly on the bridge floor. High-quality models from Eisenbahnfreunde in Bavaria were used. For Corona protection reasons, only a limited number of guests could take part in this model railroad spectacle at the plant.