Clamping technology

Your satisfaction is our benchmark

Customised service for individual solutions

Today clamping devices from EMUGE-FRANKEN are used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Our range of services is correspondingly extensive: From standardised repairs to customised maintenance measures according to your needs.

We not only manufacture clamping devices, but also keep an eye on the "big picture":
We can advise you goal-oriented and with professional expertise. Our clamping concepts are innovative and fit into your process. The production start-up supported by our experts enables your rapid and functioning production.

We train your employees and keep your clamping devices in good shape for a long time with customised maintenance measures to ensure that everything "runs smoothly" for you.

As you can see:
We accompany you through all project phases and will not let you down afterwards!

Our service includes:
  • Technical consulting
  • Production start-up
  • Trainings
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • On-site service
  • Spare parts

Technical consulting

Our specialists will convince you with their comprehensive expertise in the field of clamping technology and broad technical knowledge in the machining of workpieces. We advise you and work with you to develop practical and efficient solutions for the use of our special clamping devices. This includes new projects as well as continuous improvement measures.

We consult:
  • by phone or e-mail,
  • at your site,
  • in our factory in Lauf a. d. Pegnitz/Germany,
  • or digitally via an online meeting.
Ask us your questions and let us talk about your ideas!

Start-up of production of clamping devices.

Ensure the production quality and reliability of your clamping devices and rely on our support for start-up of production! EMUGE-FRANKENinstalls and prepares production start-up of clamping devices on your premises . You will benefit from the experience of our experts who have prepared clamping tools and devices for production start-up all over the world and under the most diverse conditions. We are happy to adapt this service to your individual requirements.

These services include:
  • the assembly,
  • testing,
  • the start-up of production of clamping devices.
Your personnel will also be instructed by an expert from

The production start-up supported by EMUGE-FRANKEN guarantees a smooth
and speedy production process.

Training offers

As a leading supplier of special clamping devices, we also offer training courses.

Use our training offer for the further training of your staff. Our experts are available to train your staff on our clamping devices, improve their skills and help your team to use special clamping technology even more efficiently.

For example, we can advice how to detect wear and damage earlier and thus avoid production downtimes. The professional handling of the clamping device will extend its service life! 

We offer training:
  • comprehensively and in person at our premises in Lauf a. d. Pegnitz/Germany,
  • in person and tailored to your needs at your site in your factory,
  • flexibly and efficiently via webinars.
Choose the training option that suits your needs!

Maintenance and repair of clamping devices

Downtimes in production cost time and money. It is all the more annoying when these downtimes could have been avoided through regular maintenance. The clamping technology department of EMUGE-FRANKEN has the right solution for you: Expert maintenance, carried out by our specialists in our factory, enables you to have a reliable machining process.

We will thoroughly test your clamping tools and devices!

Are you interested in regular maintenance?
We will advise you and determine the interval for comprehensive maintenance in consultation with you, depending on the duration of use of the clamping device and the environmental influences acting on it.

We will of course submit a clear and comprehensible quotation for the services you require, based on your needs.

On-site service

If things don't run smoothly, and this happens extremely rarely, we will support you on site.

We help you to troubleshoot any problems with the clamping devices.

We analyse the machining conditions and derive targeted measures together with you.

Our technicians remain at your service, even worldwide if necessary. 

Spare parts

Our clamping devices are subject to wear and tear over a longer period of usage. The regular wear in addition to challenging operating environments can lead to less than optimal performance of the clamping devices or components.

To prevent your pulse from going through the roof, we support you with spare parts for our clamping fixtures. Since the majority of our clamping devices are customised special solutions, spare parts are in stock only in limited quantities.

We are honest in that regard:
The variety of clamping solutions makes it impossible to stock all spare parts. Nevertheless, this does not pose a problem, because we will work out a spare parts concept for your specific clamping device with you in advance at the project planning stage, if you wish.