Large components and still tolerances in the micrometre range? No problem with the clamping technology from EMUGE!


"Why does an aeroplane fly?"

The question is a classic one among children and the explanation might make some adults sweat too.
The short explanation: A turbine provides plenty of thrust and the ingenious design of the wings achieves the necessary lift.

Did you know?

A deeper look shows, of course, that only the interaction of highly complex components and multi-layered systems allows the tin kings of the air to soar.
This includes energy-efficient aircraft propulsion systems as well as high-precision functional parts of the control and landing gear and much more.

EMUGE-FRANKEN supplies the clamping technology for components from the aerospace sector and maintains the tight tolerances in the micrometre range. A successful example of this is the exact clamping of a "gear rim", which is installed in a gearbox of the tail unit.


The technology

The machine operator places the workpiece securely into the clamping tool. The correct position of the workpiece is ensured by a pin preloaded by spring force.
The clamping is initiated via a torque wrench in combination with a power transmission element. The workpiece is prepared for machining.

The highlight

A split intermediate bush ensures that the clamping bush can grip completely over the inhomogeneous geometry of the workpiece. This intermediate bush is the result of a complex manufacturing process and holds "itself", so to speak, to the component.

We can't reveal any more than that at this point.

One more thing should be mentioned: The project demanded a lot of creativity and sweat from us. But letting our customers down was never an option. The clamping technology of EMUGE-FRANKEN is ready when things get really complicated - that is our strength. This is the reason why our customer can produce safely and reliably today.
Meanwhile, we wipe the sweat from our brows and tick the box of another challenging project. Let's get on with it!

By the way: We provide our customers with modern, appealing instructions to guarantee a smooth and safe operation!

Partner in aircraft construction

EMUGE-FRANKEN is represented with a variety of products in aircraft construction. In addition to the well-known threading and milling tools from EMUGE-FRANKEN, this also includes solutions from the clamping technology sector.

If you are interested, our contact persons are at your disposal for further information!