About us

Precision and performance diversity - For 100 years - Made in Germany


The development of our company

What sets us apart from other companies? t is our knowledge of how to combine individual services into a complete system and to bring these to market in a user-friendly way that inspires our customers. Our connection with our customers is not only based on the supply of the most innovative precision tools but also on the common objective to develop practical solutions – now and in the future.
Since our foundation in the city of Lauf an der Pegnitz in 1920 we have been committed to precision and innovation. Since 100 years EMUGE-FRANKEN has consistently created technological milestones in the threading, drilling, gauging, clamping and milling technology with the brand names EMUGE and FRANKEN. To date this creativity has blossomed into a diverse range of products and services which save time and money – to the benefit of our customers. This outlook will continue across future generations.

Partner of numerous industries

EF Hybris Branchen

That is why we are a perfect match

Our objective is to optimise your production processes thus improving efficiency – in different industrial sectors from mechanical engineering to medical technology. Achieving this objective is the focus of our research and development.
Our performance is based on a wide variety of skills and experiences of our experts as well as on state-of-the-art production methods and a comprehensive quality assurance. In addition to our standard range of over 40.000 stock items, we can develop special tools together for your requirements and adapt them to your applications and machine conditions.
This enables us to offer our customers a tool programme which keeps growing with the increasing demands of different markets.

Thread Technology

EF Hybris Gewindeschneidtechnik

We have the experience

You can create high-quality internal threads with our taps and cold-forming taps. We provide these tools for all common thread systems in a wide variety of dimensions. Our tools are suitable for a broad range of materials thanks to their well-matched cutting geometries and surface treatments.
Our twist drills provide an excellent drill hole quality and they are a perfect match to our threading tools. Accurate centering characteristics and an optimised cutting behaviour provide the best possible efficiency and productivity.
We offer you a select programme of dies and thread rolls for the reliable production of external threads. In addition special rolling dies are available for practically all of your machining requirements.

We have the foresight

The technologies of thread production continue to undergo constant development. For example, thread milling can be a useful alternative to thread cutting or cold forming of threads. A broad range of thread milling cutters from a simple thread mill for the production of internal and external threads to a circular drill thread mill are available.
Consistently committed to innovation, we scrutinised and rethought existing methods and together with a partner in the automotive industry we developed new kinematics for thread production. Our Punch Tap technology, a process for the helical cold forming of threads, launches a new dimension of productivity in the production of internal threads. The significant shortening
of the tool path provides enormous saving potentials in time and energy particularly for series production.

In addition to the permanent optimisation of our tools we always seek to implement the results of our research and development into a product design which provides benefit to our customers.

Thread gauging technology

EF Hybris Gewindeprueftechnik

We provide safety

Our thread gauges enable you to organise your production processes in a safe and therefore economically efficient way because dimensional and form deviations as well as worn or unusable threads can be recognised at an early stage Gauges made from special gauge steel are available ex stock for a large number of thread systems and tolerance ranges for all practical applications. In addition, we also manufacture thread gauges to individual specifications.

Our cooperation partner DECOM UGK located on the EMUGE premises is available for the calibration of your gauging and measuring equipment.

DECOM UGK is a DAkkS-accredited test laboratory for length and other geometrical measuring parameters. The web portal KalimeroNet www.decom-ugk.de is available to customers free of charge to manage their testing equipment in a fast, simple and reliable way.

Tool clamping technology

EF Hybris Werkzeug-Spanntechnik

Optimal solutions for rapid tool change

Our complete programme of quick-change and collet holders for threading tools offers you numerous options, such as minimum length compensation for improved quality of thread and tool life, minimum quantity lubrication provides cost advantages, an integrated transmission gear provides significant time and energy saving, leading to an increased use in series production.

A wide range of clamping tools is available for the accurate clamping of milling cutters and drills. They provide extremely high precision with tight tolerances and excellent run-out properties. And they are used to clamp various designs of straight shanks in a process reliable manner. Our induction shrink-fit device SHRINK-MASTER offers the possibility to shrink and shrink-release any tools with a plain straight shank into the appropriate tool holder.

Tool clamping technology

EF Hybris Werkstueck-Spanntechnik

We develop customized solutions according to your application requirements

If you require your workpieces clamping μ-accurate with high repeat precision we are your ideal partner for your requirement of mechanical and hydraulic clamping tools and devices. Send us your specific requirement. Our design takes all conditions such as machine connection, or machining process into account.
This also includes your desired accuracy.

Since all clamping tools are manufactured this way, we have acquired extensive experience in customised clamping tooling solutions. This results in clamping devices specifically adapted to your machining processes which will reduce production costs and provide optimal results.

Milling Technology

EF Hybris Fraestechnik

From standard to specialised milling tools. We will provide an overall benefit

Milling technology is our strength. The diversity and wide range of cutting materials along with the high standard and uncompromising precision of our milling programme meet the highest quality requirements and are suitable for almost all workpiece materials. The production ranges from standard end mills with shank or bore from HSS and carbide to highly precise special form and profile milling cutters. PCD- or CBN-tipped end mills and milling cutters with indexable inserts are also available. An extensive range of milling chucks completes our stock programme.

Our development of future oriented milling technologies offers our customers new possibilities of machining. We are happy to advise you in your applications and our development department is committed to supporting you during development and implementation of modern milling strategies on your machines.